10:15. Replacement of the cardan hinge



1. Mark landing position of the hinge in the case of the collar. By means of special flat-nose pliers remove lock rings.
2. By means of a big clamp squeeze out bearing necks of a crosspiece of a collar: on a motionless part of a clamp the plug of the suitable size in which the neck is squeezed out is installed, - in case of need knock on a collar with the hammer with soft brisk. Having released a neck, take the bearing. Working in a similar manner, remove the remained bearings and take a crosspiece.



1. Grease with universal lubricant bearing necks, oil pans, sponges of boots and needle roller bearings of the replaceable cardan hinge.

Be not overzealous, - excess of lubricant can lead to mistakes at selection of lock rings and to damage of covers of bearings.

2. By means of a clamp press bearings in a collar and fix them the new lock rings equal on thickness removed in the course of assembly dismantle. The final zastukivaniye of necks can be made by means of a brass drift with a diameter of 15 mm.
3. By means of the probe of lezviyny type define gaps of landing of lock rings in the flutes. If the result of measurement exceeds the limit of the admissible range (0.02 ÷ of 0.06 mm), the corresponding ring is subject to replacement.