10:17. Removal and installation of assembly of the central bearing of the driveshaft



1. Mark position of the universal hinge of Lobro of rather connecting flange.
2. Turn out fixing bolts and separate the hinge from a flange.
3. Mark the provision of the central collar of rather central section of the driveshaft, and the provision soyedinitelno of a flange - rather back section.
4. Give самоконтрящиеся nuts and remove the central collar with a connecting flange.
5. Mark the provision of a forward arm of the central bearing of rather central section of a shaft, back - rather back section. Remove a basic arm of the central bearing.

Rubber pillows from an arm are not taken.

6. By means of a special stripper release forward and back central bearings from assembly.



1. Fill in forward and back flutes of assembly of the central bearing universal lubricant, the same lubricant to a natolkayta in boot sponges. Track that the bearing got to a flute of a rubber pillow of a basic arm.

The boot is established by sponges towards landing tags on an arm.

2. Put assembly of the bearing on the central and back sections of the driveshaft, - track correctness of combination of landing tags.
3. Special, being a part of a remnabor, evenly grease with lubricant rubber a sealant of a connecting flange. Watching correctness of combination of landing tags, central section of a shaft and connecting flange, densely put the bearing by tightening самоконтрящихся nuts.
4. Screw and tighten bolts of fastening of the hinge of Lobro. Also check assembly for existence of signs of development of leaks through a protective cover and a connecting flange.