10:20. Replacement of an epiploon of the leading gear wheel of back differential



1. The car also establish to Poddomkratta it on props.
2. Having marked the landing provision of components, disconnect the driveshaft from a flange of differential and tie up it a wire to car bottom elements.
3. Holding a connecting flange from a provorachivaniye, give the nut located in its center big самоконтрящуюся.
4. By means of a stripper dismantle a flange and take an epiploon of the leading gear wheel of differential.



1. Slightly grease with universal lubricant of a sponge of a new epiploon and the surface of a connecting flange contacting to it. By means of a suitable mandrel put an epiploon on the regular place.
2. Establish a connecting flange and tighten it самоконтрящуюся a nut with the required effort (157 ÷ 220 H • м). The torque of a provorachivaniye of a flange has to make about 0:45 H • m at the new or well greased bearings.
3. Install into place the driveshaft.