10.5. Check of a state and replacement of the directing bearing


1. As the directing bearing of coupling the needle bearing which is pressed in a special nest in an end face of a back pin of a bent shaft is used. The bearing jams lubricant at manufacturer and does not need additional greasing. By means of this bearing fixing of a forward pin of a main shaft of the transmission is provided. Check of a condition of the bearing has to be made every time at removal of components of coupling. In case of lack of confidence in fidelity of assessment of a condition of the bearing it should be replaced.

If the engine is removed from the car, corresponding from the steps given below have to be lowered.

2. Remove transmission (see the Head the Manual transmission).
3. Remove coupling components (see the Section Removal, check of a state and installation of components of assembly of coupling).
4. Highlighting itself a small lamp, estimate degree of wear and the general condition of the directing bearing. In case of need make replacement.

5. Removal of the bearing can be made by means of the special tool (the hammer with sliding brisk), - ask in shops of automobile accessories.

6. There is also alternative method of extraction of the bearing from the landing nest.
7. Prepare the metal or wooden core (drift) which is densely entering a bearing nave.

8. Fill a nest cavity under the bearing dense lubricant, then begin to hammer a drift into an assembly nave, - the bearing will be squeezed out of a shaft pin at the expense of the hydraulic pressure developed in a cavity.

9. As a mandrel when landing in a pin of a shaft of the new bearing the face head, or a piece of a pipe of the corresponding diameter suitable by the size can be used (slightly smaller than diameter of the bearing). Before landing the external surface of the bearing should be greased slightly.

The bearing refuels in a nest the condensed party outside.

10. Establish into place coupling assembly, the transmission and all other components which were removed for the purpose of ensuring access. Track that the corresponding fixture was tightened with the required effort.