10.7. Adjustment of a cable of the drive of coupling, removal and installation of hummock assembly (the Mirage model with the hummock drive of coupling)

The hydraulic drive of coupling used on other models does not need adjustment.



1. Measure height of provision of a pedal of coupling (And). Compare result of measurement to requirements of Specifications (162 ÷ 165 mm).

Adjustment of height of provision of a pedal on these models is not represented possible and in case of an exit of results of measurement out of limits of admissible range, pedal assembly needs replacement.

2. Several times squeeze out a pedal of coupling and estimate the size of its free wheeling (until emergence of resistance). If the result of measurement exceeds the limit of the admissible range (17 ÷ 22 mm), make the corresponding adjustment (see further).
3. Adjustment is made by rotation of the adjusting nut of a cover of a cable located on a partition of a motive compartment.
4. Several times squeeze out a pedal of coupling and repeat check.



1. Weaken a cable rotation of an adjusting castor counterclockwise.
2. Release cable clamps.
3. Take the forelock and disconnect a cable from an executive clutch lever on RKPP case.
4. Disconnect a cable from a pedal of coupling and take it from the car, - try to remember an assembly laying route.



1. Install a cable on the car, having laid it according to the assembly recorded in the course of dismantle by a route. Connect a cable to a pedal of coupling and the executive lever and fix it by all provided clamps.

The fixing forelock is subject to replacement without fail.

2. Grease all contact knots of hummock assembly.
3. Make adjustment of a free wheeling of a pedal (see above).