11.1. Specifications

General parameters

Type of brake fluid See the Head Nastroyki and routine maintenance
Gap between the sensor switch of stoplights and an emphasis of a pedela, mm See in the text of the Section Adjustment of a Pedal of a Foot Brake
Free wheeling of a pedal of a foot brake, mm
3 ÷ 8
Height of provision of a pedal in the released state, mm
176 ÷ 181
Gap between a pusher of the vacuum amplifier of brakes and the GTTs piston, mm
0.65 ÷ 0.86

Brake mechanisms

1 With disk back brake mechanisms
2 With a continuous disk
3 With the ventilated disk
4 With a body of Wagon
NA = Data are absent
П = Forward wheels
З = Back wheels
(1) Top: 53 H • m
Lower: 88 H • m