11:10. Assessment of a condition of brake shoes

Remember that the dust produced in the course of operation of brake mechanisms may contain extremely unhealthy asbestos of the person. Do not blow off dust compressed air at all and do not inhale it, - at service of mechanisms put on a protective mask or a respirator. Do not use for rubbing of components of the brake system gasoline or solvents on an oil basis at all, - apply only company cleaners or methyl alcohol!


1. Blocks of disk brake mechanisms are equipped with the wear indicators beginning to make a high-frequency sound (squeal) when deleting frictional slips lower than 2 mm of thickness.

2. Assessment of a condition of brake shoes can be made by their visual survey through the special window provided in the support case. Standard thickness of slips makes 10 mm, minimum admissible - 2.0 mm.

3. Replacement of worn-out brake shoes has to be made at the same time on both brake mechanisms of one axis of the car.
4. If uneven wear of blocks takes place, it is necessary to check freedom of movement of the piston in the cylinder of the corresponding support.