11:13. Recovery repair of a support of the disk brake mechanism

On some models two-cylinder supports of disk brake mechanisms are used. Recovery repair of such supports is made similarly described below for single-cylinder assemblies with stand only a difference that in this case replacement twice of bigger quantity of cuffs and boots is required.



1. Remove a support from assembly of the brake mechanism (see the Section Removal and installation of supports of disk brake mechanisms) and transfer it to a pure workbench.
2. Depending on a design of the brake mechanism the piston is taken from the cylinder in remove one of two ways. In the first case it is necessary to enclose wooden whetstone which will carry out a support role in assembly, then to give compressed air which will push out the piston from the cylinder to an inlet opening of a support.

Be careful, - watch that at pushing out of the piston fingers of hands did not appear between its face surface and a persistent surface! In the second case the piston is taken from the cylinder by a reversing.

3. Attentively examine the removed piston on existence of scratches, zadir, traces of corrosion and signs of damage of chroming, in case of need make replacement.

4. At the corresponding complete set remove antivizgovy an insert.

5. Having hooked the blunted screw-driver, remove a boot and take from the flutes in the cylinder sealing cuffs, - try not to damage a cylinder mirror.

6. Remove a protective cap of the gate of pumping, then turn out the last from a support body.
7. Attentively check the working surface of the piston and a mirror of the cylinder for existence of scratches, cracks and signs of excessive wear. Estimate a condition of carving fixture.
8. Traces of weak corrosion can be removed by polishing of working surfaces of elements with a fine-grained emery paper.
9. In conclusion wipe surfaces with methyl alcohol and dry compressed air.



1. Previously having greased screw into place the gate of pumping and establish on it a protective cap.
2. Fill new sealing cuffs in cylinder flutes, - track that cuffs were not overwound in flutes.
3. Grease a cylinder mirror.
4. Fill the piston (assembled with the boot established on it) in the cylinder and push in it against the stop.

5. Landing of a boot in the case of a support is made by means of a special mandrel.

6. Establish a support on the regular place (see the Section Removal and installation of supports of disk brake mechanisms).
7. Establish a wheel and lower the car on the earth.
8. Pump over the brake system (see the Section Pumping of the Brake System).