11.2. Replacement of the sensor switch of stoplights



1. The sensor switch of stoplights is fixed on an arm of a pedal of a foot brake by means of a lock-nut.

2. Disconnect a negative wire from the battery.

If the stereosystem established on the car is equipped with a security code before disconnecting the battery make sure that you have the correct combination for input of the audio system in action!

3. Disconnect an electrical wiring from the sensor switch of stoplights.
4. Release a lock-nut and remove the sensor switch from a pedal arm.



1. Install the new sensor switch on an arm of a pedal of a foot brake, screw and slightly tighten a lock-nut.

2. Modify position of the sensor switch so that the distance between its case and a pedal made 0.5 ÷ 1.0 mm, - for shutdown of stoplights the plunger of the sensor switch has to rest against a pedal. When squeezing a pedal the plunger is released that leads to operation of stoplights.

3. Holding the sensor switch in required position, strongly tighten a lock-nut.
4. Connect an electrical wiring to the sensor switch.
5. Check serviceability of functioning of the sensor switch for what include ignition (the engine do not start) and ask the assistant to squeeze out several times a pedal of a foot brake, - stoplights have to work unambiguously at each squeezing already at the beginning of the pedal course.
6. In case of need repeat process of a regulriovka.

The insignificant side play of a pedal should not lead to operation of the sensor switch in order to avoid unauthorized activation of stoplights at the movement of the car on an uneven paving.