12:30. Wheels and tires - the general information

Wheels of all models of cars described in the present manual are equipped with radial tires of the metric size with a glass cloth or steel cord. Installation on the car of tires of other standard size can affect its controllability and comfort of the course.


Do not establish on one axis of the car of the tire of various design at all! It is recommended to make replacement of tires on both wheels of one axis at the same time. If replacement of only one wheel is made, you watch that the replaceable tire corresponded on a steam room standard size.

Extremely important from the point of view of controllability of the car to support the required pressure in tires. Regularly, at least, once a month, check pressure of a rating of tires (see the Head Nastroyki and routine maintenance). Also check pressure before each distant trip.

Disks of wheels are subject to replacement in case of deformation, violation of density of landing to them of tubeless tires, strong damage by corrosion, violation of vertical symmetry, development to an oval form of bolted openings, and also in case of a constant spontaneous otpuskaniye of fixing nuts. It is not recommended to make recovery repair of the damaged disks with application of welding or a klepka.

Deformation of disks is usually connected with arrival on borders during the inaccurate parking of the car. To inadmissibly continue operation of the car with the bent disks - the wheel has to be repaired in a tire workshop. For check of a condition of disks the car also establish to a poddomkratta it on props. Visually check disks for existence of cracks and signs of deformations.

The important factor determining parameters of the movement and braking of the car is balancing of wheels assembled. Violation of this parameter can significantly reduce controllability of the vehicle, not to mention noticeable reduction of service life of tires. Every time after replacement of the tire a wheel is subject to balancing in the conditions of a tire workshop.