13:10. Removal, installation and adjustment of provision of a cowl



1. Open a cowl and prop up it a persistent rod

2. A marker lead round the loopy levels fixed on a cowl.

3. Disconnect from built in in a cowl washing wind la's stack plastic tubes snuffled.

4. Disconnect the corresponding electrical wiring.

5. Turn out bolts of fastening of a cowl to loopy levels, - ask the assistant to hold the rear edge of a cowl.

6. Accurately release a persistent rod and remove a cowl.



Work extremely carefully, - the slightest oversight can be the reason of damage of a windshield!

1. Carefully get a cowl on the regular place and by hand tighten loopy bolts. At once prop up a cowl a persistent rod.
2. Achieve combination of loopy levels with the landing tags put in the course of dismantle, then strongly tighten fixing bolts.
3. Restore initial connection of an electrical wiring and tubes of washers of a windshield.
4. Check correctness of installation of a cowl in a body aperture, in case of need make the corresponding adjustment (see below).



1. Close a cowl and check correctness of situation it in a body aperture. In case of need reopen a cover and make necessary adjustment by weakening of fixture of loopy levels and shift them in the corresponding direction. Having finished adjustment, again strongly tighten fixing bolts.
2. Check serviceability of operation of a latch of the lock of a cowl. In case of need weaken bolts of fastening of a latch and as appropriate correct position of the last concerning the drummer.
3. Make sure that the cowl in a closed position settles down aflush with the surfaces of surrounding body panels. In case of need adjust the provision of a rubber emphasis by their rotation.