13:18. Removal and installation of panels of an internal upholstery of doors



1. Disconnect a negative wire from the battery.

If the stereosystem established on the car is equipped with a security code before disconnecting the battery make sure that you have the correct combination for input of the audio system in action!

2. On models with the manual drive of window regulators remove the regulator handle with a facing frame, - release a clamp of fastening of the handle by a poddevaniye its edge of the stretched piece of fabric.

3. On the models equipped with electrodriving window regulators / activators of door locks release the panel of switches of management and disconnect the electrical wiring brought to it.

4. Turn out the fixing screw and remove facing of the internal handle of a door. Remove the handle.

5. At the corresponding complete set, turn out fixing screws and remove the poruchnevy handle of a door.

6. Turn out screws of fastening of the panel of an internal upholstery of a door.

7. Carefully hooking the clamps located on perimeter of the panel of an internal upholstery, separate the last from a doorframe, - try not to damage the panel at an otpuskaniye of clamps.

8. Accurately release the clamps of fastening of the obivochny panel which remained in a frame, replace the damaged elements.

9. In case of need remove the insulating screen from a doorframe.



1. If removed, install into place the insulating screen.
2. Replacing the damaged clamps, install the panel of an internal upholstery on a doorframe.
3. Make sure of reliability of a zashchelkivaniye of clamps, in case of need replace defective units.
4. Installation of the remained components is made as it should be, the return to an order of their dismantle.