13:25. Replacement of a saloon rear-view mirror

Details of installation of a saloon rear-view mirror

1 — a mirror arm basis Cover
2 — the Contact socket of an electrical wiring

3 — the Mirror



1. Details of installation of a saloon rear-view mirror are shown on an illustration.
2. Weaken the adjusting screw of a rod of an arm and remove a mirror from the basis support pasted on a windshield.



1. Installation is made upside-down.
2. When unsticking a support of the basis from glass carefully smooth out the respective area of the last, having removed with a shaving edge from it all traces of old glue structure, wipe the smoothed-out surface with solvent.
3. Working in a similar manner, smooth out a contact surface of a support.
4. Prepare the special gluing structure, - ask in shops of automobile accessories, - and apply it on the basic surface of glass.
5. Having waited for hardening of structure, grease with it a contact surface of a support and once again grease glass.
6. Press a support to glass and hold it pressed until the structure does not stiffen, - try not to allow a distortion.
7. Final hardening of the gluing structure happens after 24 hours, - it is not necessary to establish a mirror on a support earlier.