14:15. System of additional safety (SRS) - the general information and precautionary measures

Some of the models considered in the present manual are equipped with system of additional safety (SRS) better known under the name of safety cushions. The system provides additional protection of the driver and, - at the corresponding complete set, - the forward passenger of the car at strong front blow. On models of early years of release only the driver's pillow which module is placed in a stupichny part of assembly of a steering wheel is provided. The module of a passenger safety cushion is located on the right under the car dashboard on which surface at the same time the warning inscription in the form of SRS abbreviation is applied. The block of sensors / the diagnostic module is located also under the dashboard, - in its central part. Sensors of the directed overloads usually fasten in a forward part of a body of the car.

Modules of safety cushions

Activation of a pillow(s) of safety happens on condition of operation of sensors of the directed SRS overloads. Short circuit of a chain of the module of a safety cushion leads to almost instant filling of the last with the nitrogen which is emitted as a result of combustion of powdery mix of azid of sodium with copper oxide. In case of failure of the onboard rechargeable battery the system switches to food from the reserve source which is built in in the SRS module. It is necessary to notice that the passenger safety cushion usually is more on volume, than driver's and it is equipped with the metal bearing case, at operation of the module which is divided into two half and a finishing cover.

Block of sensors / diagnostic module

The module of sensors and self-diagnostics of SRS provides giving of power supply to modules of safety cushions at the time of the collision causing rather strong directed overloads. Operation of system happens even in case of crash of the onboard rechargeable battery. A survey of a condition of the SRS components is carried out by the module at each start of the engine and is followed by short-term operation of the control lamp "AIR BAG"/SRS which is built in in the dashboard of the car. In case of what exit - beat out of operation shutdown of a control lamp does not come from knots. Also operation of a control lamp testifies to malfunction in system during the movement, - the car should be driven away as soon as possible on car repair shop.

Precautionary measures

Dismantle and service of components of a steering column, the radio receiver and other components located near the dashboard demands observance of special precautionary measures as casual damage of an electrical wiring of SRS can lead to the unauthorized operation of safety cushions fraught with receiving severe injuries. It is easy to identify an electrical wiring of SRS on bright yellow coloring of isolation, - at all do not disunite its contact sockets and do not connect to them any electric diagnostic units.

Before starting performance of any works near the SRS components in surely order disconnect system!

The module of a safety cushion removed from the car should be held the face from itself, - transfer assembly to the safe place and lay face up.

Do not try to perform measurement of resistance of the SRS components at all, - the energy developed by the internal power supply of an ohmmeter can quite enough for operation of gas generators!

Before using any electronic equipment on the car it is necessary to make surely shutdown of SRS (see below).

Never throw out the worked modules of safety cushions in garbage recipients at all, - advice on utilization of the SRS components can always be got at car repair shops.

Shutdown of the SRS system

Make the following manipulations for shutdown of safety cushions:

a) Bring the operated car wheels into rectilinear situation, turn the ignition key in position of LOCK and take it from the lock;
b) Disconnect a negative wire from the battery.

If the stereosystem established on the car is equipped with a security code before disconnecting the battery make sure that you have the correct combination for input of the audio system in action!

c) Before starting performance of any works, wait not less than 60 seconds during which there has to be a discharge of the condenser of the emergency SRS power supply.

SRS activation

For activation of system connect a negative wire to the battery, turn the ignition key in situation and make sure of serviceability of operation of a control lamp of SRS.