3.1. Schedule of routine maintenance of the Mitsubishi Galant/Mirage/Diamante cars

The intervals of routine maintenance of the car stipulated in the present Section are calculated on independent performance by the owner of the vehicle of all necessary procedures. Duration of intervals was defined proceeding from the assumption that the car is operated in the daily mode. Constantly to support the vehicle in dive of a form, some of procedures for desire of the owner can be carried out slightly more often. Authors of the present manual are sure that receiving the maximum return from the power unit of the car and its other knots and systems can achieve only on condition of a conscientious attitude of the owner to care of the vehicle. It is worth to remember as well about need of maintenance of a trade dress of the car on a case of its resale.

At operation of the car in the conditions of strongly dusty area, an intense city cycle (frequent short trips), and also at frequent towage of the trailer, intervals of performing procedures of routine maintenance have to be, whenever possible, reduced to a minimum.

Servicing of the new vehicle, in order to avoid violation of factory guarantee certificates, has to be made on the company HUNDRED companies manufacturers of the car (see the table on the following page).

The procedures of routine maintenance demanding more frequent performance at operation of the car in the mode of the increased tension

Intense are understood as the following conditions:

· Operation in strongly dusty areas;
· Operation at raised (over 32 °C) or lowered (it is below 0th °C) to ambient temperature;
· Operation in the conditions of an intense city cycle (frequent stops, long operation of the engine on single turns);
· Operation in the mode of frequent short trips (the engine does not manage to get warm up to the normal working temperature);
· Use of the car in traffic police, the delivery service or as a tower or a taxi.

For all listed cases it is necessary to increase the frequency of implementation of separate procedures of regular service of the vehicle and to carry out:

· Replacement of motive oil and an oil filter - through each 5000 km of a run;
· Check state/replacement of blocks of disk brake mechanisms - through each 10 000 km of a run;
· Check state/clearing/replacement of the air filter - through each 25 000 km of a run;
· Replacement of ATF and the AT filter - through each 25 000 km of a run;
· Check state/service/replacement of boots and wheel cylinders of drum brake mechanisms of back wheels - through each 25 000 km of a run;
· Replacement of spark plugs (except candles with the platinum electrodes established on the Diamante models) - through each 25 000 km of a run.

· Replacement of the RKPP gearbox oil / the transfer case (Galant and Mirage) - through each 50 000 km of a run.