3.12. Check of a condition of components of a suspension bracket and steering drive

The condition of components of a suspension bracket and the steering drive has to be made regularly as their wear or damage can be the reason of reduction of service life of tires, lead to decrease in controllability of the car and increase in fuel consumption. Detailed illustrative material is presented also in the Head Podvesk and steering.

The checks made without separation of wheels from the earth


1. Park the car on the flat horizontal platform, whenever possible with a hard coating, develop forward wheels in rectilinear situation. Slightly pull a steering wheel in both directions, - the excessive size of the side play taking place indicates possible wear of wheel bearings, collars of hinges of the main and intermediate shaft of a steering column, bearings of rotary fists (all-wheel drive models), or tips of steering drafts. Also the probability of violation of adjustment or damage of components of rack transfer is not excluded (see the Head Podvesk and steering).

2. Can point out wear or damage of components of a suspension bracket or the steering drive also such symptoms as excessive rocking of the car at movement along the uneven road or during commission of turns, jamming of a steering wheel, etc.
3. For assessment of a condition of shock-absorbers press one of car corners down. At a corner otpuskaniye the body has to come back to a starting position, making no more than one-two fluctuations. Listen to the scratch and other extraneous noises published by a suspension bracket at oscillating motions of a body. For more details see the Head Podvesk and steering. Excessive quantity of raskachivaniye of a body at a corner otpuskaniye, as well as refusal of its return to a starting position, testify to need of replacement of shock-absorbers. Working in a similar manner, serially check each of four shock-absorbers.

The checks made with a separation of wheels from the earth


1. The car also establish to Poddomkratta it on props.
2. Check protectors of wheels for existence of traces of uneven wear (see the Section Check of a Condition of Tires and Pressure of Their Rating), estimate pressure of a rating of tires.
3. Estimate a condition of cardan hinges of a steering column. Check protective covers of the steering mechanism and power shafts for existence of signs of leak of lubricant. Check reliability of landing of tips of steering drafts. Check a condition of components and reliability of tightening of their fixture. Estimate degree of wear of rubber components of a suspension bracket and the steering drive. Ask the assistant to rotate a steering wheel and visually estimate the size of a side play of the steering drive. Try to establish the reason of the weak point taking place, make necessary recovery repair, or replace defective components.

4. Manually rotating forward wheels, try to define aurally a condition of wheel bearings, make sure of lack of a side play at rotation of wheels. Grasp a wheel in points on 12 and for 6 hours and pull it in the axial plane, - existence of a little noticeable free wheeling demonstrates weakening of a pretightness of wheel bearings. In case of need sort naves for visual assessment of a condition of bearings and stuffing by their fresh lubricant. Full information on a design of stupichny assemblies and wheel bearings all-wheel drive models is provided in the Head Podvesk and steering.

5. Hooking components mount, estimate a condition of bearings of assemblies of rotary fists. In case of identification of a side play bearings should be subjected to more detailed studying, to make replacement or stuffing them fresh lubricant.
6. Estimate degree of wear of universal hinges and the sliding couplings of driveshafts (see the Head Stsepleniye and the transmission line).
7. Examine surfaces of cases of differential and the transfer case on existence of signs of development of leaks.