3.14. Replacement of ATF of automatic transmission and differential of the main transfer, check of a state and service of the AT filter

ATF replacement


1. Replacement of ATF has to be made on a regular basis, according to the schedule of routine maintenance of the car (see the Section Schedule of Routine Maintenance of the Mitsubishi Galant/Mirage/Diamante Cars). Before starting implementation of the procedure, warm up transmission, having made short (approximately 20-minute) trip on the car.
2. Prepare fresh transmission liquid of the corresponding grade (see Specifications at the beginning of the Head).
3. Treat number of other tools and materials, necessary for implementation of the forthcoming procedure: a cart jack, props for fixing of the car in the lifted situation, the drain capacity not less than 7 ÷ of 10 l (depending on car model, - see Spetsifikatsi) and a stock of rags and old newspapers.
4. Park the car on the flat horizontal platform with a hard coating, and establish to its poddomkratta on props, having provided free access to a drain stopper of the pallet of a case of transmission.

5. Get the drain capacity and all necessary stock under the transmission case pallet. Try not to touch the warmed components of the power unit and system of production of the fulfilled gases located under the car bottom. Having placed properly a reception container, turn out a drain stopper, - in order to avoid a rounding off of shlits of a head use a cap key for a stopper otdavaniye. When the liquid effluence completely stops, wipe a drain stopper, screw it on the regular place and tighten with the required effort (30 ÷ 35 Nanometers). Check a condition of the merged liquid.

If the merged ATF has dark (brown or black) color, transparency lost or smells of ashes, it is necessary to address specialists of car service for the purpose of performance of check of a state and necessary recovery repair of the AT internal components!

6. The drain stopper of differential of the main transfer is also located in the lower part of a case of transmission. Move appropriately drain capacity, turn out a stopper by means of a cap key and lower liquid from assembly of differential. When the liquid effluence completely stops, wipe a drain stopper, screw it on the regular place and tighten with the required effort (30 ÷ 35 Nanometers). With the same effort tighten a drain stopper of differential.

7. Lower the car on the earth and through the directing tube of the measuring probe (use a funnel with a long nose) fill in in transmission of ATF of the required grade, having brought its level to the corresponding mark in the measuring probe (see the Section Check of Levels of Liquids).
8. Transfer transmission to situation "P", cock the parking brake and, having squeezed out a pedal of a foot brake, start the engine.
9. Holding a brake pedal pressed, within about 5 minutes serially you translate the AT selector lever through all provisions, having in conclusion returned it to situation "P". Without suppressing the engine, check the ATF level, in case of need make the corresponding adjustment, having brought liquid level to the correct mark in an edge of the measuring probe (add liquid in the small portions, every time checking its level).
10. During the first several days of operation of the car look under the car, checking transmission for existence of signs of development of leaks. Double-check the ATF level, in case of need make adjustment (see the Section Check of Levels of Liquids).

Replacement of the filter


1. Lift the car above the ground and merge ATF from AT case (see above).

2. Having got drain capacity under the transmission case pallet, turn out the fixing bolts located on perimeter of the last.

3. Having in case of need tapped the pallet to perimeter the hammer with soft brisk (in order to avoid damage of the interfaced surfaces do not try to hook the pallet the lever), carefully separate it from a transmission case.

4. Merge the liquid remaining in the pallet in a reception container.
5. Turn out fixing screws and remove the ATF filter from the case of valvate assembly.

6. Carefully examine the internal surfaces of the pallet, estimate a condition of the filtering element and the merged ATF. In the course of use transmission liquid can change the originally bright red color on dark red and even brown, and also get a smell of burning, - such changes usually testify transmission overheats in use of the car. At detection in liquid, the pallet or the filter of metal sawdust, or particles of frictional material it is necessary to check a condition of the AT internal components or the converter of rotation. In case of lack of confidence when determining a condition of liquid or the filter, address specialists of car service.
7. Wash out the pallet solvent and, whenever possible, dry it compressed air. Remove with a scraper from the interfaced surfaces of the pallet, a case and the case of valvate assembly traces of material of old laying.

Try not to damage the interfaced surface of the case of valvate assembly manufactured of light aluminum alloy. Install the new ATF filter and tighten bolts of its fastening with the required effort (7 H • м).

8. Carefully wipe with the rags moistened in acetone the interfaced surfaces of the pallet and a case of AT, establish new laying, press the pallet to a case, screw fixing bolts and in stages evenly tighten them with the required effort (10 ÷ 12 H • м).
9. Fill in fresh ATF in transmission.