3.15. Check of a condition of brake lines


1. Check of a condition of metal lines and flexible hoses of the brake system has to be made on a regular basis according to the schedule of routine maintenance of the car.
2. The metal brake lines laid under the car bottom are subject to external influences and can be damaged by blows of the stones which are taking off from under car wheels. As a result of deformation or twisting passability of the metal line can be broken partially or completely. Attentively examine tubes of both brake contours, in a case replace defective sections, pump over a hydraulic path.
3. Flexible brake hoses should be checked for existence of cracks, swellings and signs of damage of the reinforcing cover. Defective hoses are subject to replacement without fail.
4. At a detachment of lines of the brake system it is necessary to pay special attention to respect for purity, - before an otpuskaniye of nipple sockets carefully wipe them with pure rags, - hit to the highway of dirt or moisture can lead to dangerous decrease in efficiency of braking of the vehicle. Before installation replaceable sections should be washed out pure brake fluid.
5. Track reliability of fastening of brake lines and their nipple connections in all provided intermediate clamps.