3.28. Replacement of lubricant of back differential - only all-wheel drive Galant


1. Make on the car short (duration about 15 minutes) a trip for an oil warming up in differential. The car also establish to Poddomkratta it on props.
2. Get the drain capacity of suitable volume under differential.

3. Turn out at first jellied/control, then drain traffic jams from the lower part of a case of differential and merge oil in the prepared container.

4. After the effluence of oil stops, feel a drain stopper on availability of metal sawdust, podlipshy to it, then wipe it, screw into place and tighten with the required effort (32 Nanometers).

Presence on a stopper of sawdust testifies to wear of internal components of assembly which condition should be checked at the first opportunity.

5. By means of the manual pump, the syringe or a funnel fill in differential through a jellied/control opening necessary amount of fresh oil of the required grade, - the level of oil has to reach the lower cut of an opening.
6. Screw a jellied/control stopper into place and tighten it with the required effort (32 Nanometers). Lower the car on the earth.
7. Make a short trip after which once again check lubricant level in differential on the car.