4.1.17. Replacement of a forward epiploon of a bent shaft

Authors of the present manual recommend to make replacement of a forward epiploon of a bent shaft during performing procedures of removal/installation of a gas-distributing belt (see the Section Removal and installation of a cover of the GRM drive and a gas-distributing belt) as dismantle of an epiploon is not possible without preliminary removal of a belt.


1. The epiploon is located under a cogwheel of a bent shaft. Measure depth of landing of an old epiploon in the nest.
2. The epiploon is taken from the landing nest in a forward cover by a poddevaniye by the special tool.
3. Carefully smooth out contact surfaces of a nest of an epiploon.

4. As a mandrel for landing of an epiploon it is possible to use a face head suitable the size, or a piece of a pipe of the corresponding diameter.

5. Track that the epiploon was put in a nest strictly on a certain depth.