5.4. Check of a condition of the fan of the cooling system

Try not to touch blades of a krylchatka with hands, the tool and elements of clothes. In order to avoid getting injured or damage of the equipment, do not start the engine at the faulty fan. Do not make attempts to repair the broken blades of a krylchatka, - change her assembled!



1. Check a krylchatka of the fan for existence of cracks, paying special attention to a condition of the bases of blades. The defective krylchatka is subject to replacement without fail!
2. Check assembly of coupling of the fan for existence of signs of development of leaks, in case of need make replacement.
3. Shake a krylchatka in the longitudinal direction, - in case of identification of a side play replace coupling assembly.
4. Manually rotate a krylchatka, - the certain resistance increasing with temperature increase of the engine has to be felt. If the krylchatka rotates too freely, or does not rotate at all, replace coupling assembly.
5. The description of procedures of removal and installation of ventilatory assembly is provided in the Section Removal and installation of the fan of the cooling system of the engine.