6.6. Check of serviceability of functioning of injectors

The simplest way of check of serviceability of functioning of injectors of injection of fuel is their listening, - at the working engine injectors have to publish a rhythmical poshchelkivaniye. Check can be made by means of a mechanical stethoscope, or a contact way, by means of the screw-driver. The clicking published by the electromagnetic valve confirms serviceability of functioning of a working contour of an injector and the processor of management of a power supply system. Serially check each of injectors.

At performing procedures of service in a motor compartment at the working engine observe extreme care, - try not to touch moving components (driving belts, a krylchatka of the fan, etc.) and not to allow hit in them of hair and elements of clothes.

Analysis of results of check

All injectors regularly click


1. If all injectors regularly click and, nevertheless, there are suspicions on existence of violations of functioning of a power supply system, continue diagnostics.
2. Check the pressure head characteristic of the fuel pump (see below).
3. Check system of ignition. Serially disconnecting (and connecting back) wire VV from each of spark plugs at the idling engine, try to localize the faulty cylinder on lack of violation of stability of turns.
4. Remove an injector of injection of fuel in the suspected cylinder and transfer it to a workbench (it is possible to remove the fuel highway assembled). For check of an epyura of injection connect the line of supply of fuel to an injector and for a short time give voltage of 12 V of a direct current on its plugs (grounding is carried out via the injector case): there has to be an emission of a cone-shaped stream of fuel through a valve nozzle. The faulty injector is subject to replacement.

One or several injectors do not publish clicks


1. Prepare a special lamp sampler. Switch off ignition and disconnect an electrical wiring from the injector which is subject to check. Connect a lamp sampler to the contact socket of a plait of an electrical wiring of an injector and start the engine: the blinking of a lamp confirms serviceability of giving on an injector of the operating tension.

2. If violations in giving of power supply are not revealed, measure the resistive resistance of an injector. Compare result of measurement to requirements of Specifications (for engines with normal absorption the nominal rate lies within the range of 13 ÷ 16 Ohms, at 20 °C, for engines with a turbo-supercharging the required range makes 2 ÷ 3 Ohm [at the same temperature]).

3. If during testing the lamp sampler revealed signs of failures in giving of the operating tension, it is necessary to check a condition of the corresponding electric contour. Disconnect a negative wire from the battery.

If the stereosystem established on the car is equipped with a security code before disconnecting the battery make sure that you have the correct combination for input of the audio system in action! Disconnect a lamp sampler from an injector. Also disconnect an electrical wiring from PCM. Check a condition of an electrical wiring on the site of a chain between PCM and an injector: resistive resistance between the corresponding contacts of sockets has to make about 5 Ohms. At negative results of check make necessary recovery repair of an electrical wiring.

4. If a chain as it should be, therefore, the internal refusal of PCM and the module of management takes place it is necessary to replace.