7. Engine electric equipment

Components of systems of ignition, charge and start are a part of electric equipment of the engine. In view of the fact that these systems have a direct bearing on operation of the engine, they are considered separately from other onboard electric equipment (such as lighting devices and monitors, etc.), to placement to which design and the principles of functioning the Head Onboard electric equipment is devoted.

At service of components of systems of electric equipment it is necessary to observe special precautionary measures in order to avoid risk of failure of semiconductor elements, and also for the purpose of prevention of receiving элеткротравм. Remember that the generator and a starter are directly connected to the battery and in case of an overload or short circuit can become a cause of the fire. Try not to allow hits of hair and free fragments of clothes in a driving belt of the generator.

Starting service of electric equipment surely remove the watch, rings and other metal jewelry. Even at the disconnected battery the category of condensers at casual grounding of their plugs can lead to receiving electric shock or a severe burn.

Do not allow violation of polarity at connection of the battery. In structure of such components as the generator, or electronic control units enter semiconductor elements which can be put out of action at the wrong connection of wires.

When performing start of the engine from the external power supply, or connection of the charger also observe polarity of connection of wires.

Never disconnect an electrical wiring from the battery, the generator or the diagnostic equipment at the working engine.
Do not allow a provorachivaniye the engine of the disconnected generator.

You do not make verification of output tension of the generator by grounding of its plugs at all.

Do not apply to verification of conductivity in a chain the ohmmeters equipped manual with a dynamo car.

When performing any works on service of electric equipment you watch that the negative wire was disconnected from the battery.

Before use of arc welding without fail disconnect the battery, the generator and such components as ECM systems of food/ignition in order to avoid risk of their damage.