9.1.2. Adjustment of the drive of gear shifting


1. Disconnect draft of switching from the transmission.

2. Transfer the choice lever to neutral situation, and from interior of the car include the 4th transfer, - in case of need squeeze out coupling.

3. Make sure, of unambiguity of the transfer of the lever of switching to the provision of the 4th transfer.
4. Rotating the coupling coupling of the regulator, achieve hit of a tip of a driving cable in a reception nest of the lever. gear shiftings. Track that the plastic coupling of a tip of a cable was deployed by a flange to the forelock.

5. Make adjustment of cables. Try to achieve such situation when the gap between the lever and two emphasis remained identical at inclusion of both the 3rd, and 4th transfers.

6. Feats the lever, make sure of smoothness of gear shifting.