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Mitsubishi Galant

Mitsubishi Galant (Russian Mitsubishi Gallant) is issued automobile Mitsubishi Motors since 1969. The name came from the French word фр. Galant that means "knightly". Nine various generations of this model are created, total sales exceed five million cars now. The model started as the compact sedan, however over time turned into the midsize car. Originally production was based in Japan, but since 1994 in the American market the cars assembled at the plant which was earlier belonging to Diamond-Star Motors (DSM) in the State of Illinois began to be on sale.

In the history of the Mitsubishi company the car with the name Galant for the first time appeared in 1969. One of modifications of the Colt model of that time was so called. It was the small car of classical configuration, with the polutoralitrovy engine and a dependent spring back suspension bracket.

A bit later on the basis of this car made a dynamic compartment of Colt Galant GTO, very hi-tech for those times, with the two-shaft engine and self-locking differential.

Colt Galant became the ancestor of the whole family of high-quality and prestigious cars which won numerous victories in rally competitions subsequently and repeatedly won the prizes "Car of Year" for high consumer qualities.

For participation in different rally superiority there was a modification of Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 — the sports version of the Galant model equipped either to 2-2,5 liter V6 twinturbo (6A12TT, 6A13TT), or the line 2-liter 4th cylinder petrol turbo engine (by release cars till 1992). Everything VR-4 have the four-wheel drive.