10.6. Adjustment of a pedal of coupling


On models with the hydraulic drive try not to allow during performance of adjustments of a pedal of push-up of a pusher towards the main cylinder of coupling!

1. Remove rugs and mats of a floor covering, - height of provision of a pedal of coupling (A) is called the distance from the central part of its block to a surface of a sound-proof layer.

2. Measure distance from a floor to an external surface of a block of completely released pedal. Compare result of measurement to requirements of Specifications (168 ÷ 171 mm: Mirage models and 176 ÷ 182 mm: Galant models).
3. Measure the size of a side play of a cutting finger concerning a pedal block (the nominal rate makes 1 ÷ 3 mm).
4. If results of measurements goes beyond admissible value make the corresponding adjustments (see further).
5. Rotation of an adjusting bolt achieve reduction in norm of height of provision of a pedal, then strongly tighten a lock-nut.
6. On the models equipped with a control system of speed disconnect an electrical wiring from the sensor switch of coupling and, rotating the last, modify as appropriate height of provision of a pedal.
7. Rotation of a pusher normalize the size of a side play of a cutting finger, - in conclusion do not forget to tighten a lock-nut.
8. Make sure of serviceability of operation of the sensor switch of disconnection of a chain of a starter at full squeezing of a pedal of coupling.