14:21. Schemes of electric connections - the general information

In view of limitation of the place it is not possible to include in the present manual of the scheme of electric connections of systems of electric equipment of all considered models. For this reason only the most typical schemes allowing to understand in detail the maximum degree in the principle of action of the main systems of electric equipment and onboard consumers of the electric power are given below.

Before starting diagnostics of refusal any of contours, check a condition of the safety locks protecting it and breakers of a chain (if the last are provided). Make sure of completeness of a charge of the battery and check quality of contact connections of the wires going from its plugs (see the Head Nastroyki and routine maintenance).

By search of refusal of a concrete contour first of all also check quality of contact connections of its electrical wiring. At a rassoyedineniye of electric sockets try to pull only for their cases, and not for a plait of wires at all.