6.14. System of release

It is necessary to start service of system of release only after full cooling of its components, - remember that the surface of the catalytic converter in use of the car can heat up to very high temperatures! Track reliability of fixing of the car in the lifted situation.

General information

The models considered in the present manual are completed with system of production of the fulfilled gases of one of two types. In one design for a joint among themselves of sections of system the flange connections equipped with sealing laying and pulled together by bolts are used, in another the sliding homutny couplers are applied.

In view of the fact that in use the car components of system of production of the fulfilled gases constantly are exposed to aggressive influences of the environment and high temperatures, components of assembly can be "tightly stuck" to each other therefore before starting fixture otpuskaniye, it is necessary to impregnate joints of the corresponding sections with the getting oil. In especially hard cases it is necessary to use a hacksaw, a chisel or autogenous cutting. It will be most correct to charge performance of replacement of components of system to specialists of car service.

Check of a condition of components


1. The condition of components of system of production of the fulfilled gases has to be checked on a regular basis according to the Schedule of routine maintenance of the car (see the Head Nastroyki and routine maintenance).
2. The car also establish to Poddomkratta it on props. Remove the thermofilters limiting the sector of the review and access.
3. Check should be begun with survey of a joint of a reception pipe of system of production of the fulfilled gases with a final collector / turbocompressor.
4. Attentively examine system on all its length, checking sections and components for existence of deformations, traces of leaks, the dispersed seams and other defects of a mechanical order.
5. Estimate a condition of rubber suspensions of support of system. Replace defective units.